August 29, 2013

New Google Adwords Keyword Planner- Keyword Tool has Expired

Few days later. Google announces to close external Ad keyword tool. If you search for Keyword tool in Google, it is replaced and redirected yo Keyword Planner Tool, a new method/tool to estimate the keywords.

Previously, all can access the tool without logging into their accounts, but for a new Keyword planner tool it is mandatory to login into your existing or creating new account.

New Keyword Planner Tool

New Google Ad word Keyword Planner

Changes Occured After Introducing Keyword Planner

No Match Type Data
Keyword matches like Broad, Exact, Phrase are not existed in Keyword Tool. You can get only exact match volume form this. To know other match types, you must add the keyword idea into your account.

For examples if search for Iron Man 3, you get the same information (data) on all Exact, Broad and Phrase keywords. But, here you can estimate the traffic considering like no: of click, cost etc.

Device Estimator
By this new Keyword Planner, you get specific keywords and visitors happened from devices like desktops, mobile, tablets etc. It is calculated based on average no: of visitors coming from the related devices. Google announces that it is working on this feature.

Local & Global Search Volume
Here after you can't estimate what is is local search and global searches for your keyword. These 2 columns are merged and replaced to Average monthly searches. You can get data specific for entire country, state, city and location etc form Keyword Planner. Note: You can still get Global monthly searches

Ad Share
This has been replaced to new column called "Ad impression share", to know all the potential impressions happened for a particular keyword.

Google Search Network
This column is replaced by network option with in the targeting settings. To get the entire search network data and information click on option called "Google and search partners" from the wizard.

Search Share- This is permanently expired/retired.

Approx CPC (Search)
Previously you get the approximate CPC for particular keyword in search network. But here, it has replaced this with Avg. CPC. You can get more accurate details from average Cost-Per-Click which you had previously get from Approx. CPC.

Local Search Trends
This column is expired in Keyword Planner, Of course, you can still get this information from Local Monthly Searches. You can get the search volume trends by downloading the historical statistics from Keyword Planner.

August 09, 2013

List of Health Search Engines in 2013- For Your Medical Health

In today world, many of us are searching for the cure or treatment of several illnesses. Max all of us will search with the term "remedies","cure","treatment" etc on Google, Yahoo, Bing and other secondary search engines.

All the search engines would give some related and accurate results according to the your search. I mean all these search engines provide general results according to their algorithmic search based on Page PR, IBL and OBL. As we are searching for health purpose, we will not compromise at any of queries.

To get accurate and correct oriented results, we must search on Health Search Engines.

Some most and powerful Health Related Search Engines

These are the general top search engines list like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.

August 08, 2013

New In-Depth Articles on Google Search Results

Users questions Google for the answer by searching with related topics on it. But as a search engine Google suggests that, more than 10% of the users may come here to know and learn about broad topics, they may need some accurate and related information from the results.

Google said, to overcome these type of searches we are introducing a new concept called "In-Depth Articles" on first page of search results.

These In-depth articles gives the exact and more detailed information on particular keyword searched by the user. These articles may displayed for the broad and general topics like Love, Global Warming, India, Censorship, Recession and Cloud Computing etc.

Generally 10 results will be displayed on Google, but now an additional 4 results of in-dept articles were also introduced. So totally 14 results will appear on Google for a broad topics.

Here is an example if a user search for the word Love, The In-Depth articles may displayed as follows.

In-Depth Article- Love
In-Depth Articles for  keyword "Love"

Some times people may search for in depth source or publication for their related topic. So this new feature can overcome it by displaying great articles from lesser known publications.

Google news is also has similar section called as spot-light, but it displays only recent time articles. Also these articles are indexed according to computer algorithm software. To access this feature, just click spotlight on right-side corner of the site.

August 05, 2013

Set Your Timer on Google- A New Timer by Google

A new cool feature intriduced by Google. A Timer has been introduced on Google Search. Search as [set timer for 15 seconds]. You would see the below screen on your Google Search.

Timer for 5 Minutes

If you close the Google search page, it would open a pop up window to say that if you navigate Timer will be stopped. 

You can also set the timer with short queries like

[timer for 40 seconds], [set timer for 40 minutes and 10 seconds], [set timer for an hour and a half], [timer for 10 seconds], [timer 10 seconds], [timer 10 sec], [timer 7 hours 8 min 9 sec].

Here is a video showing example for 15 seconds video.


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