September 28, 2013

Humming Bird- Google's New Search Update Formula

Google Hummibg Bird UpdateHave you notice recently that Google answers directly to questions on Search results. Yes, upon this there a new search formula has introduced. The new search update called as "Humming Bird". This new update formula has released silently by Google.

It is open that Google had updated its search technology with new parsing techniques to improve results for longer and complex queries. Amith Singhal, Google's Vice president has declared that they had introduced Humming Bird update a month ago.

The update had occurred a month ago which affected 90% worldwide English queries on Google. Google mentioned for first time, update had occurred on behalf of Google's 15th birthday. Both Sergy and Larry page also arrived to the event.

Google mainly focus on fully parsed questions (opposed to word-by-word search). It identify the direct answers on its index database.

September 27, 2013

Google Celebrates Its Birthday with New Doodle

An anatomy of search engine giant celebrates its birthday on 27th Sept 2013. Google has honored with its new Doodle on its birthday.

September 26, 2013

Why Sudden Decrease of +1 on my Google+ Page?

Decrease in Google+ +1's NumberYou see that sudden decrease of +1's number on your Google+ page. For example, once you saw +1 of 2596 and after you saw a 250. But, why this is happened? There are some cases to happen like this.

A couple of days, I had noticed sudden decrease of some company page. And after I had researched and asked some professionals in SEO forums and etc. Finally, I get some information regarding this issue.

The comments and answers given by them are-
  • Some extent people are removing +1's on your page
  • Since it got red, my number of given + 1's has dropped from more than 100/day to ZERO. It hurts my eyes and I don't use it anymore.
  • I think everyone has their right to change their mind, for whatever reason. Sometimes people press the '+1' two times.
  • Perhaps a whole lot of spammer accounts were shut, taking with them all your plus ones?
  • I very rarely +1 things now that the button is so ugly and red - it always looks like a warning sign.
Apart from these answers, There may be a chance that for every 2 to 3 months Google is updating +1's on all company brand pages. So in the meantime, the +1 number is counted for all individual posts. And after update, +1's on all pages may gets sudden decrease or drop of number.

Facebook- Likes for individual posts and whole page are considered as different.

Google+- +1 on both individual posts and whole page +1 is considered as same. If an user like 10 different posts, then the number will increase to 10. But the user is same for all 10 posts.(A drawback on Google+).

Note- Google+ is counting only one +1 from every single user.


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