July 10, 2013

Google Search Market Share Falls to 3%

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Google which is the most used search engines throughout the world loses its search market share. Among the world China is the one which doesn't use the google search engine. Yes, Google has ranked in 5th position according to data given by CNNZ.

Yes, Baidu is the search engine for people used in China, the other major search engines like Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines are not used mostly by users. Google has bagged just 3% of market share in the month of June 2013,while Baidu has bagged 65% of market share.

Search Market Share
Search Engines Market Share

In March it slipped from 4th to 5th position, it has losing its market share regularly. Currently it has only 2.13% of search engine traffic.

Surprisingly, Baidu has also lose its market share with the launching of a new search engine called Qihoo. Qihoo is a direct competitor of Baidu. Baidu has market share from 65% in this year, and 81% the prior.

In fact, there will be no worry to Google because it has its market share from all over the world. Let see how the Google gives the competition to Baidu and Qihoo in China.

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