July 13, 2013

SERP Rankings Not Effect For Short Term Maintenance Issues

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Google Bot crawls once in a month of your website, and then estimate all the factors like time spent, loading time, etc. Here you may get problem from webmaster tools. But Google bot has changed its crawl rate, it crawls your site frequently.

The thing is if Google bot has come to site for crawling, if your site facing any problems for short term then there will be no affect on Search Ranking. Google Webmaster Matt Cutts has described in this video about Ranking of your site if bot crawls your site in server down.

A new Google webmaster help video bring what exactly happen when a Google bot can't access the site.

Clearly says that if your site face issues like Server maintenance, Domain hosting for just a day there will be no impact on rankings of your site. If your website extend some server or hosting problems for a weeks, then there will be an impact on rankings. Cutts says that we give importance for user, so we won't prefer the websites which are dissatisfied by user.

If the problem is really for your site, goto webmaster help forum and check the posts with similar issues. Google does include this notice on your webmaster tools that there is a issue raised regarding your website maintenance.


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