October 14, 2018


The krazy kids karnival is a full of joy with different categories for a kids entertainment such as workshops to live shows,fun ride activity,delicious food with desserts ,fashion accessories,handmade products,food stalls etc.
Along with all these categories there are some pop up shows and gifts are delivered to the  winners who participated in the entertainment shows having delicious food not only kids but also family enjoyment also plays a key role with loads of joy.The KRAZY KIDS KARNIVAL  will be celebrate during festive season along with family celebration.


The krazy kidz karnival extends over large area of 2 acres with fun of space with food stalls,dramatic amusement,experiencing something to be funny attracting a lots of people to the karnival along with family enjoyment,shopping,handmade products,u will find different designs of dress materials and organic food products.

There will be a non-stop entertainment during festive season which we conduct kids karnival because for kids holidays available during festive season itself that the reason we conduct kids karnival not only kids and alson family entertainment.

We are aiming to entertain  children with age 3-12 along with parents having a lot of fun with full load of joy.Last year over 30000 visitors krazy kidz karnival entertained with full participation of family members .we organize with different entertainment shows  
              1.work shops
               2.live performance
               3.Art installation
                5. Pop up stalls
               6. Food and beverages along with food stalls
For event details

26-28 oct 2018
Location:city park,BKC,Bandra east,mumbai.
Timings: from 11am to 10pm.

Note: attracting kids characters such as chota bheem,doraemon,superman,avengers are awaiting for kids presence with loads of joy.
For event stall buyers
With over 30000 visitors  event exhibitors , organisers ,and stall buyers are gained with profitable results .A big applause to the krazy kidz karnival community. For more details contact on bookmystall.in


September 29, 2018


                                Top ten social bookmarking websites list in 2018
Many people say I have no time to touch with social media that means those people didn’t have time to market their business which is less interaction with the online users, not only that they even no time to build relationship with their clients and customers.
Some  people think that customers and clients are not on social media and social media can’t help their business, but nobody didn’t know that the public figures are relates to female which has demographic over 50 whereas linked in’s which has more connections related to professionals such as president of America has an account if u put your brand in front of these professionals your brand gets good feed backs and negative feed backs such as comments and also mainly leads. So your brand gets feedback in real time and negative feedback gives more valuable to your business.
Now a days many mobile users are connected with social media websites so here digital marketing   came into existence to perform online leads.
When 4G came into existence in India the mobile users increased more and digital markets are hiked.
So social media websites are also increased every year along with social media and  social bookmarking came into existence.
What is social media?
The term social means public or community and media means publishing on the web it means conversation within the online rather than conventional way in which we communicate. So it gives many people to access with free account over internet,there are two main things in social media
 1)brand awareness:branding particular product or any thing,and business
 2)networking:connections with many number of people
uses of social media
1)its a free account
2)connections with large number of people
3)it is a communication tool
4)business can get positive and negative feedback.
what is social bookmarking?
submitting links to the  social media websites  related to business which is to increase the traffic to the website is known as social bookmarking.
social bookmarking have many tools, those tools are useful for accessing to store,manage,organise and share.Savings bookmarks are useful for future purpose.
uses of social bookmarking
1)storing important bookmarks
2)social bookmarking is a tool to build the list of resources and sharing
3)getting the leads
4)it also increases traffic to the website by link submission
list of social bookmarking sites
6)Hub pages
9) Diigo
10)Pin board

September 24, 2018

List of Social Bookmarking Sites in 2018

3 to 4 lines about social bookmarking..

List of all websites..

January 27, 2017

Top 20 Search Engines List for 2016

Now a days Search Engines plays major role on Internet. Everyone of us are interested to go for Mobile, Tablet, iPhone etc. Internet and Wi-fi features are inbuilt features added on this gadgets.
20 Top Search Engines List
For knowing a new things , new address, reviews, brands, and their products people are interested to search on internet by Search Engine. Google is the no:1 among all the Search Engines. But the thing is everyone of us thinks that Google, Yahoo, Bing are only 3 search engines existed.

List of Some 20 Top Search Engines
  1. Google (www.google.com)

  2. Bing (www.bing.com)

  3. Yahoo (www.yahoo.com)

  4.  Baidu (www.baidu.com)

  5. AOL (www.aol.com)

  6. Ask (www.ask.com)

  7. Excite (www.excite.com)

  8. Duck Duck Go (www.duckduckgo.com)

  9. Wolmfram | Alpha (www.wolframalpha.com)

  10. Yandex (www.yandex.com)

  11. Lycos (www.lycos.com)

  12. Wow (www.wow.com)

  13. Webcrawler (www.webcrawler.com)

  14.  Infospace (www.infospace.com)

  15.  Info(www.info.com)

  16.  Contenko (www.contenko.com)

  17.   Dogpile (www.dogpile.com)

  18.   Alhea – The Web for Everyone!  (www.alhea.com)

  19. MyWebSearch (home.mywebsearch.com/index.jhtml)

  20.   ixQuick (www.ixquick.com)

Some other Search engines try to top search engines

Webopedia (www.webopedia.com)

Pippy/Clusty (www.clusty.com)

Mahalo (www.mahalo.com)

Search Engines are liked by people for following reasons
  • Relevant Results at one click
  • Suggestions with Friendly Interface 
  • Options to Broad or Tighten the results.

December 05, 2015

Digital Marketing Summit 2015 in Hyderabad: by IDoneSEO

Today the world has gone digital. Digital Marketing has impacted human lives so much so that it has integrated itself into their lives. Every aspect of human life is digital today. Let us examine how this digital marketing has gone places in this Digital Marketing Summit, 2015.

Industry experts and wizards to share their views, opinions and experiences on Digital Marketing and how it impacts various businesses and help them earn huge profits. These experts share and show the way to exploit Digital Marketing in a profitable way.

2016 Digital Marketing Summit in Hyderabad

Event Agenda/Schedule:-

10:00 AM to 10:45 AM: Registrations & Welcome Kit

10:45 AM to 12:15 PM: Speaker Pitches

'Principles of Digital Strategy' by Nabeel K Adeni
Description: Identifying, articulating and executing digital opportunities to gain competitive advantage.

'Tapping the rise of social selling for Business' by Sudhanshu
How to leverage your professional brand to fill your pipeline with the right people, insights, and relationships.

'Winning your first 100 Users' by Meraj Faheeem
Learn how to get your first 100 users. When, where and how do you get users to use your product? How do convince them to experiment with your product, retain and grow them?

'SEO 2015 & Whats to Come' by Manish Joshi
Get a quick rehash of how SEO eveolved in 2015 & know what Google has in store for you in 2016

12:15 PM to 01:00 PM: 'Panel Discussion with Q&A'
The trends, developments happening in digital marketing world that influences business world

01:00 PM to 02:00 PM: 'Networking Lunch'

02:00 PM: Wrap Up

About Us:

iDoneSEO, a Digital Marketing Community headquartered in Hyderabad has been a great host for many events like Mentoring Sessions, Growth Hackathons, Digital Marketing Summits and many more since its inception in 2012.

IDoneSEO is an organization whose prominence is placed on the future and to elevate the awareness of Digital Trends of Businesses. It gives me immense pleasure to be able to share, that they had conducted more than 50 events and workshops for the last 3 years and are looking out for many more. Their audience are always niche crafted from various business sectors.

After all the amazing events they conducted so far, “Digital Marketing Summit - 2015” has come out of thoughts and are putting it into reality on the 13th of December, 2015 here in Hyderabad. This event is the first of its kind, in Hyderabad.

November 27, 2015

Web Developer SEO Cheat Sheet 3.0 in 2015

Many of the companies says SEO had died, and we don't want any SEO's into our  company. But as we are into website optimizers do you agree for it?

I don't agree that SEO is outdated. Actually the reason the client /customers can't wait for the ranking on search engines. They want instant absolute results. So they don't prefer for SEO which is a time taking process for longtime results.

As you know about the Cheat sheet 2.0 comes in 2008, and in 2013 an updated Cheat Sheet 3.0 has arrived. Here in this section, we discuss about the new Cheat Sheet 3.0 for Web Developers in 2015. 

What's New in 3.0 

  • Information/topics updated in User Agents, Social Meta-Data & Mobile Web Development 
  • Elimination of sections like Authorship & Publisher tags.
  • Simplified sections to easily understand, such as User Agents
  • New material for Schema & Rich Snippets


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