July 26, 2013

New Favicon Introduced on Text Ads (Google AdChoices)

Friday, July 26, 2013

We all familiar with Text Ads and organic ads. But recently Google has introduced new feature for Text Based Ads on web-pages. Adsense Software Engineer Mohamad Ayyash has posted the information on Blogspot.

A Favicon Icon is such a graphical icon used the represent their service or their company logo by advertiser. If you added a favicon related to your service, the user/customer can easily gets an idea about the service without clicking on it. 

Here you can noticed the icons on left side on the Ads. The advertisers has given their own icons to display. These can be seen only for Text Based Ads, but not for Organic Ads (displayed on Google search engine).
Favicon on Text Based Ads
Favicon for Text Ads
Most of the advertisers feels that there are so many unwanted leads arrived to them. But I think that, after adding this favicon image, there may be chances to reduce generation of wrong/unwanted leads.

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