January 24, 2014

SEO Ranking Factors for Baidu Search Engine

Friday, January 24, 2014

Do you want to point out your business in China!!! Keep these rules in mind...
Baidu is the one major search engine in Chine. Baidu capture more than 60% of market share in China. Even Google can't beat the Baidu that country.

Yaaah!!.. Everybody knows the major rules and algorithms for Google Search Engine. Here are some points which you may had the chance to display your website information on Baidu. This blog post describes some Baidu search engine factors.

SEO Ranking Factors & Meta Tags

Chinese Law:

Address- Your website must contain the china address, which shows that your website belongs to China country

Domain- Baidu prefers for .cn(china), .com(commercial), .net(network) etc. Among these domain types, .cn has first preference.

Hosting- Apart from preference of domains, Baidu also gives importance for sites which are hosted in china. It may improve page load speed.

Content License- Your website get rankings in Baidu,if you get a special license from chineese government to your site. Obtain the license from Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

Censor- Chinese government ban some services which may include more Google services. It bans major social networking sites. Baidu will de-index your website, if the words of content in your is blaklisted by Chinese government.

SEO Requirements:

Sub-Domains- Baidu dislikes the websites having sub-domains or having multiple domains. The site must have only 1 domain, and any other sub-domains are not be used. For seperate language, you mustuse another domain. Finally Baidu says don't use any sub-domains.

Speed- Site speed is a major ranking factor consider by Baidu. Site which loads slowly would get less preference while ranking. Baidu also consider the hosting place as a factor.

iFrames- As we know that by using iFrames the search engine gets confused. But here Baidu is unable to read the data in the iFrames. So if you specify important information in iFrames baidu can't spider it.

Robots.txt- Google allows robots.txt file. But baidu doen't like the sites having robots.txt. Any important rules are needed, you must specify them in .htaccess file or in server settings.

Flash & JavaScript- Baidu is unable to crawl both javascript and flash. The important content must specify in HTML only.

Link Building:

Navigation- As Baidu is unable to crawl Javascript, use drop down menu's for navigation purposes. It also gives the preference to footer of a site. So be sure to have some text links in your botttom of the page.

Anchor Text- Baidu consider lot of importance to keywords having anchor text. All the links with in the internal linking must follow the keyword optimized anchor text. While buiding links from external sites also we must optimize the Keyword anchor text.

Link Building- Although Baidu prevented sub-domains, Robots.txt and content like issues,link building has not performed. Yes Baidu didnot had any sategy for considering the inbound links  to our site. It gives the preference based on number of links created. On the other way it is not considering the quality of links... So the sites who had more quality links may also can achieve top rankings on Baidu.


Header Tags- Along with other search engines, Baidu also consider these header tags for h1 to h6 on webpages.

Duplicate Content- Compare to other search engines Baidu penalizes more if the site has duplicate content. It is mandatory that your site must have unique content. So be sure while developing your site for content issues.

Quality- Since your site has unique content, it would be quality content. To achieve high rankings try to manage the quality content of at least 300 words per page.

Title Tag- A chinese character is equal to 2 English characters. So as Google follow for 70 limited character, Baidu's limit is 35 characters for title tag. Try to manage the title with rich descriptive keywords as you must stuff the keywords with in 35 characters.

Description Tag- Some times meta description is not used by Google and Bing search engines. But Baidu depend on it for ranking the results. The limit for Baidu's meta description tag is of 78 characters.

Keywords- Although this tag is not using by major searh engines, Baidu still consider meta keywords as a factor. In every page meta keyword tag should mentioned and it would be atleast 3 to 5 keywords.

ALT Attribute- This alternate text is common for Baidu and other major search engines. So don't forget to specify your alt tags to crawl your website images.

Blogs- Company blogs must specify on your website page. Frequently update your blog,so that Baidu treats your blog more content rich with internal linking.


Submit your website- Although baidu didn't have any webmaster tools, you can submit your site by visiting this link http://www.baidu.com/search/url_submit.html

Keyword Research- Baidu also has keyword estimator tool, people in china may think different than other countries. So you can find the keywords satistics from http://is.baidu.com/keyword_tool.html

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