Google is the major search engine among all the countries in the world. It has been no:1 for its accurate and relevant results according to the clients search terms.

From the past few years Search engine optimization is doing overly on the website. As a result, the genuine and high valuable sites are getting less priority than the low quality sites on the search engine. So to overcome   this issue Google decided to change the algorithm (nothing but a software) and update the database.

To do this, it actually crawls all the sites on the net. Some of  the algorithm updates are Panda, Penguin, EMD. And also ready to upcoming update called s Zebra update.

Panda (Farmer Update):



The name itself says it. All are creating their domains according to the keywords targeted. For example an SEO company is targeting their domain as"Seo-company-India". These domain sites are easily ranked when compared to other high quality seo companies and web development sites. Get more details about EMD Update

Zebra Update:

This update mainly focused on social bookmarking & social networking sites. This update has introduced to  resolve the fake likes, tweets, re-tweets, shares, followers etc. This can be highly effected those who buy face-book likes and twitter followers, tweets etc. For more information Click Here


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