March 08, 2013

Yahoo Shut Down 7 Of Its Services

Friday, March 08, 2013

Yahoo announces to shut down seven of its products, including yahoo mobile app for BlackBerry phones, as new chief executive Marissa Mayer emulates its unsuccessful products..

Yahoo announced this information on its official blog on Friday to take these actions.

It represents as Yahoo's 2nd group shutdown of products as a part of spring cleaning. Actually Google has shut some of its services on spring cleaning part. So Yahoo also does the same thing for the unsuccessful products.

Yahoo application for BlackBerry smartphones will no longer available to download from 1st April. It also said that on the same day Yahoo avtars are also been closed.

The Consumers or users who want their current avatars must download the characters and reupload it to their profiles for continuing.

The other products to be terminated by Yahoo are
  1. Yahoo Sports IQ
  2. Yahoo Clues
  3. Yahoo Message Boards
  4. Yahoo Updates API
  5. Yahoo Avatars
  6. Yahoo app for Blackberry

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