September 26, 2013

Why Sudden Decrease of +1 on my Google+ Page?

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Decrease in Google+ +1's NumberYou see that sudden decrease of +1's number on your Google+ page. For example, once you saw +1 of 2596 and after you saw a 250. But, why this is happened? There are some cases to happen like this.

A couple of days, I had noticed sudden decrease of some company page. And after I had researched and asked some professionals in SEO forums and etc. Finally, I get some information regarding this issue.

The comments and answers given by them are-
  • Some extent people are removing +1's on your page
  • Since it got red, my number of given + 1's has dropped from more than 100/day to ZERO. It hurts my eyes and I don't use it anymore.
  • I think everyone has their right to change their mind, for whatever reason. Sometimes people press the '+1' two times.
  • Perhaps a whole lot of spammer accounts were shut, taking with them all your plus ones?
  • I very rarely +1 things now that the button is so ugly and red - it always looks like a warning sign.
Apart from these answers, There may be a chance that for every 2 to 3 months Google is updating +1's on all company brand pages. So in the meantime, the +1 number is counted for all individual posts. And after update, +1's on all pages may gets sudden decrease or drop of number.

Facebook- Likes for individual posts and whole page are considered as different.

Google+- +1 on both individual posts and whole page +1 is considered as same. If an user like 10 different posts, then the number will increase to 10. But the user is same for all 10 posts.(A drawback on Google+).

Note- Google+ is counting only one +1 from every single user.


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