July 02, 2014

Orkut (Social Networking Site) is Shutting Down....

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Orkut is the Google first social networking site, which launched 10 years ago. Google said it will be shut down in India and Brazil on 30th September. Google planned to shut down Orkut and be on strengthen its other important services.

Facebook had sweepes all the major social networking sites like Orkut, Hi5, Myspace etc. Orkut is the leading social networking site up-to 2008, on the other face many of my friends had faces security issues on Orkut like fake messages, illegal activities from their profile, unknown pictures on their scrapbook etc. 

Facebook is slowly existing its brand in India at that time, later many Contacts of Orkut had moved to face-book and they had deleted their Orkut profile.

In 2010 face-book overtake the Orkut as the social networking site in India with 20.9 million users/visitors. Google said it would preserve the archive, if any of the user would not want to include their details they can permanently delete their profile from Google account.

Once again Google had a chance to become world's no'1 social networking site with Google Plus. At present Google Plus is one of the top most social networking site but it doesn't beat the face-book. may in future Google Plus may swipe out all the social networking sites with its distinct features.

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