May 08, 2013

You Tube Launched Trend Maps Feature

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

A doubt has arrived whether You Tube also launch the Maps or not? Most of you are in dilemma...??

But its true that You Tube started Trend Maps feature for the users. For example if a viral Video has shared in You Tube, it is seen in the state or it has seen by throughout the country is observed in world.

Here this feature bring the options to know which are the videos are watched by several age groups and gender.

You can also filter the videos according to the gender.

For example, You can search the videos watched by women between 30-40 age. It also has feature to break down the show the shares and views of a particular Video. The age and other demographics can be known after 48 hours uploading the video. So, if it's a new video you can see the demographics breakdown after 2 days of uploading.

What Videos are Trending in Which Places

But this feature is available only in US at present. Later they would cover all the countries.

This feature may be helpful to those who can target the videos according to specific ages or people. Also know which videos are watched in most of the countries and which city watch more shares and views.

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