June 14, 2013

New Tool in Bing Ads Campaign Management

Friday, June 14, 2013

Are you aware of Bing Ads on its SERP Search Engine Results Page? Most of you know about Google Adwords Campaign, Ad-sense, etc. Bing also getting increase in its search queries from users. Bing is the heavy competitor for the Google. Since Bing doesn't have much share than Google, in future there may be possible tough fight can be made on these two Search Engines.

From last years, Bing also get tie-up with yahoo and its take some its results from Yahoo. Bing also implementing new tools to have more friendly relationship with the users while using their products like Webmaster Tools, Hot Mails, Facebook, Skype (Almost all Microsoft products) of them.

Bing Ads Campaign Tool- SEO Updates
Bing's New Ads Campaign Tool

Newly it has launched some tools in Ads Campaigns. It gives the detailed information about your campaigns. When you mouse over on these trend line, it shows all the updates occurred on that day. You may know what are the modifications, deletions and what changes happened while increasing or decreasing the budget. the bid values for a particular day.

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