June 13, 2013

New Google Traffic Updates with Waze Navigation App

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Waze Navigation App
Now a days, we all are get shuck at traffic signals on your way to destinations like Offices, Banks and also while traveling to other locations. At that time most of us choose to go on wrong route to get to our places in time. It states and other feels that you are a lazy and indiscipline manner.

But, if you follow and do some work on these traffic signals, surely you can go in time without any delay in your time. Yes, this is going to happened in coming future days.

Google announced that it makes an agreement to buy the Waze Traffic & Navigation App for a $1 billion among its major competitors Facebook and Apple.

Delhi Waze Traffic Navigation
 on Smartphone

Waze is an smartphone application which give the traffic updates with navigation for your route. It provide the traffic updates to its users.

Google taken one more step with by adding traffic updates  along with Google Maps. In future Google Maps shows the traffic updates from Waze app by selecting an option from it.

Let us see an example, for it.

A user has searched a route at Delhi on Waze Traffic application, so that it display the behind results. It provide and guides the users to go into particular route to avoid traffic jam.

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