March 23, 2013

Bing Knows more about People & Places with Satori Extension

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Over the past year, Bing has been steadily growing. And the Snapshots it shows on the right-hand side of its pages, it gives more competition to Google. Bing says those snapshots are taking another leap to better understand relationships between people, places and things by using an expansion called as “Satori” technology.

Bing writes on its blog today saying:
Bing Gets More with Satori Extension

For People

People search accounts and profiles for about 10 percent compare to of all searches on Bing. When searching for people, the company that probably comes to mind first is Face-book. Know that Microsoft has a close relationship with the social network (Facebook). However, most of the people search on Bing, people who are trying to find professional information about somebody, at that instance LinkedIn has a major advantage (they did not exclude the possibility that Microsoft would add information from other sources)

Bing uses data from Wikipedia for historical figures and celebrities. For celebrities and some “web-famous” people, the Bing goes one step further and display links to their Face-book, Twitter profiles, Klout scores and other information like their children, specific events they involved.

For Places

As for places it also includes landmarks, rivers and mountains if needed, Now Bing provides large amount of information and more about the airports, attractions and other cities were people search for in the Snapshots bar. 

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