March 22, 2013

Dogpile Search Engine- A Combined SERP Results

Friday, March 22, 2013

Today I had found Dogpile Search Engine, and observe the search results it displays. I noticed that it is combining data from Google, Yahoo, Yandex and more...
Dogpile Logo

It also specify in right side of url, describing that from which search engine the result has fetched. After observing here, I had searched for queries from 3 above search engines separately. These three results are matched at some extent.

Most of you are searching from Google, Yahoo, and also Bing, if you are not satisfied with results. Here the Dogpile displays multiple search results combing of Google, Yahoo and Yandex. So there is no need to go for individual Search Engines and finding for your query. Just come here and search your belongings. Dogpile is one among the Top 20 search engines

Surely you may satisfy with Dogpile search results.More generic and organic results can be expected from this site. You can expect more genuine results from this, since it compare both the results and sort out it.

Let us see an example for "vmware training"

Search Results for Vmware Trraining
In the results you can observe from which search engine it had bought the result, In the above image the red color marks shows the site from which it has taken.

We have other search engines other than Dogpile. Visit the above link for more search engines list.


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