March 12, 2013

Steps Smart with New Google Talking Shoes

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Google was not enough for the Internet firm Google Glass, the giant has now unveiled a pair of 'Talking shoes'. (But that does not meant that Google is planning to get into the sneaker or footwear business).The experiment was designed to highlight its new advertising platform called Art, Copy and Code.

As Engadget reports, the company peopled its Google Playground with a man holding a pair of Adidas sneakers that talked.This Adidas sneaker enjoys a micro-controller on the tongue. I know many people who could certainly use one of those. It has an accelerometer, a gyroscope, and so many many technical goodies.

The result is that it monitors all the things that are happening down below and then expresses them to you in words. Yes, through a microphone.

Google took a few pairs of Adidas sneakers and crammed in a small computer, an accelerometer, a pressure sensor, a gyroscope, speaker and Bluetooth. These shoes can tell what you are or aren't doing and can then relay that information to your phone via Bluetooth or to you via the speaker in the top tongue of the shoe.

If one puts what the shoe knows through an algorithmic logic engine, it can translate it into copy.

But there's more. As the nice Google spokesperson described it, the shoe uses data to adopt "a personality," something Google strives for in all of its products.

If you start running and the shoe has an athletic personality, it will cheer you on. But if it has a lazy personality, it will get upset with you for being athletic.

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