April 25, 2013

Did Google Instant Previews are Gone !!!...

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Google added green color arrow to preview the webpage on right side of the title.

Yesterday we had observed that Google has changed its Instant preview feature in SERP (Search Engine Results Page). Now it has new option on right side of every result. New option is "Cached".

Actually this Instant preview had launched by Google on November 2010. It said that only 5% of people are satisfied with the results their click. It also said that most of the people are not using this Instant preview feature.

Google’s Jessica from the forums said:

As we’ve streamlined the results page, we’ve had to remove certain features, such as Instant Previews.

Instant previews saw very low usage by our users, and we’ve decided to focus on streamlining the page to benefit more users.

I can clearly say that this ne Instant feature may be followed by Bing.

What do you think?...

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