December 17, 2013

Google+ Launches +Post Action on Display Network Ads

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A good news for the consumers and vendors who advertise their service/products through Google Ads. Google+ introduce a new way to monetize its social platform to drive more traffic across the web. With a new way called "+Post" feature to promote in the social hub.

Simply saying that, Google+ had added a new feature to Display Networks Ads with +Post to increase your social presence. The concept is same as like what you used in social networks. Instead of ads showing on Google+ network,they will be shown on Google's Display Network, which drives the users back to their Google+ profile pages.

Google announces in this way...
+Post ads amplify your brand’s content by easily turning Google+ posts into display ads that run across the web. The live, social ad format allows you to go beyond clicks to live conversations with your audience. People can join a Hangout On Air, add a comment, follow your brand or give a +1, right from an ad.
Google used Toyota's testimonial for the following promo video, where you can see Toyota increase its customers through +Post feature on Display Networks.

According to Google, the +Post is same as regular post in Google+, allows users to engage with directly from Ad.
Ads become more relevant with social context. Comments, +1s, and shares from friends can move people to engage with your ad. Social actions on ads and Google+ add up together, showing the full picture of engagement with your content. +Post ads expand in a lightbox to bring full screen social creatives across the web.
The AdAge describe about charges occur when an user "mouse hover on Ad for 2 seconds", which expands on the screen.

Social advertising model supports for what Google been preaching for time. The Zero moment of truth, when a bran delivers what the user needs.

Google Said....
Match your message to the right people, in the right place across the web. Reach the audiences you care about with Google Display Network tools including demographics, affinity segments, and contextual targeting. Make your content work on every screen - desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

This idea helps to Google+, because normally the users who click on Ad may not go to the company's Google+ page. So in coming days, +Post drive more traffic to Google+ pages through Display Networks also.

+Post Ads are current;y under beta version. I mean for a limited set of Adwords advertisers only the +Post is in use. Let us wait for the complete feature of +Post Ad feature on Google Display Networks.


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