June 28, 2013

More Benefits by Linking Your Analytics & Adwords Accounts

Friday, June 28, 2013

It has announced official that linking of Google Analytics and Adwords Accounts for more user friendly. If you had problem in linking with your Analytics and Adwords, you had a great news. In next coming weeks all analytics acounts are easily link up with your Google Adwords Account.

Google Analytics & Adwords Linking

By logging into Admin panel of your Analytics, you can link your two accounts together. On other hand,in account panel of your Adwords, click the word linking in account column. And then click on adwords linking in order to link up your accounts.

There has been more issues with Advertisers linking their accounts, if they operate multiple Google Analytics accounts. But linking between Adwords and webmaster tools is unchanged.

Along with US, Google anlytics account of all other countries get this linking feature.

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