August 08, 2013

New In-Depth Articles on Google Search Results

Thursday, August 08, 2013

Users questions Google for the answer by searching with related topics on it. But as a search engine Google suggests that, more than 10% of the users may come here to know and learn about broad topics, they may need some accurate and related information from the results.

Google said, to overcome these type of searches we are introducing a new concept called "In-Depth Articles" on first page of search results.

These In-depth articles gives the exact and more detailed information on particular keyword searched by the user. These articles may displayed for the broad and general topics like Love, Global Warming, India, Censorship, Recession and Cloud Computing etc.

Generally 10 results will be displayed on Google, but now an additional 4 results of in-dept articles were also introduced. So totally 14 results will appear on Google for a broad topics.

Here is an example if a user search for the word Love, The In-Depth articles may displayed as follows.

In-Depth Article- Love
In-Depth Articles for  keyword "Love"

Some times people may search for in depth source or publication for their related topic. So this new feature can overcome it by displaying great articles from lesser known publications.

Google news is also has similar section called as spot-light, but it displays only recent time articles. Also these articles are indexed according to computer algorithm software. To access this feature, just click spotlight on right-side corner of the site.

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