August 31, 2014

Top Sites to Check & Detect Plagiarism (Duplicate Content) on Websites

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sites to check Plagiarism (Duplicate Content) Issues

Plagiarism is nothing but, duplicate content. So let you check whether your site has genuine content. I mean there is possibility for your competitor had copied the data from your site. We can check the duplicate or copied content by using these professional sites.

1. TurnItIn (

Actually this TurnItIn is service developed for UC Berkeley graduation student for peer review application in the classes. Later,it has been developed as one of the top plagiarism detection service. 

Student can check their citation, projects, reviews and can access various writing tools.

2. iThenticate (

Ithenticate is a service offered by, it is a professional and scholar based purpose. Publishers like Oxford University Press use this service to detect the plagiarism. Its database is nearly 31 million articles, 67,664 books and journals etc.

3. Viper (

Viper can be heard more at smartphones, an application for video calling. It itself call the "Free TurnItIn" service which scans a large database for large essays and other online data source. Viper offer side-by-side comparison for plagiarism detection.

Note: Viper is available only for Windows Users only.

4. Dust Ball (

Dust-ball is created at University of Maryland. It is created by Brian Klug, a student at University of Maryland. This service is used to paste their entry papers and research whether they had existed previously or not.

5. Duplichecker ( formerly called as Dupli-Checker. It allows the users to paste the text lines and option for uploading the file for checking the plagiarism. It allows the user to compare the text from copied site.

6. Copyscape (

Copyscape is launched in 2004 by Indigo Stream Technologies. Mainly this service is used by site owners to check their data had been theft. Also used by publishers to detect the content fraud (reselling the old content as  new content by taking money).

7. Plagiarisma (

Plagiarisma allows the users to enter Urls and upload the files like HTML, DOC, DOCX, RTF, TXT and PDF formats. It has a search box for checking and this application software can be download by Windows users.

8. Grammarly (

Grammarly is mainly based on grammar corrections like passive and active voices, spelling mistakes, in-correctly sentences and misspelled words. Later they had introduced the plagiarism concept. It introduces different options to check plagiarism for Business, Academic Essay, Report, Paper etc. User can check both grammar and duplicate content issue at same instant time.

9. Plagium (

It provide the options to check quick and deeper search for plagiarism content. Plagium has 3 types to check duplicate content. I mean, if you are writing an article about news section, then the news related sites can be checked. If you write any social media presence, then it can be checked at social media database. And other option is general web option.

10. Small SEO Tools (

An simple and cute site which checks duplicate content issues on web. It shows the percentage of matching with the content which is copied. It take 2 to 3 sentences as a bunch and check the content. 

All these results given by these may vary from site to site. They has their own algorithm and content database.

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  1. Sure,We agree that the cases of plagiarism has constantly been there within the literary international however they had been now not observed due to the absence of excessive tech and simply loose Plagiarism checker



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