April 19, 2014

Find Nearby Friends at your locality on Facebook

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Facebook planned to launch a new feature called "Nearby Friends". You can check how far you located to your nearest friends. Initially this feature is going to be launched on iOS and Abdroid apps. This location may not be visible for a long time due to privacy and security concerns.

 Nearby Friends was built by the Glancee location sharing app team led by Andrea Vaccari that Facebook acquired in 2012.

The good thing is it sends notifications if you get closer to your friend. If someone of your friend shares his premise, then you can see his location on map.

Once Nearby Friends rollout, this can be viewed under "More" section of iOS and Android. From there you can turn it on for sharing the location premises to your friends. You can select the specific frinds list or a group of members, for whom you can share your location on maps.

You an also share your real-time location with a specific friend, with a period of time (for an hour, for a few hours, upto tomorrow, or until I manually stop).

The Facebook app displays the location by using your GPS technology. Below is the video showing how the Nearby Friends would works.


Note: This "Nearby Friends" will be launched first is US users, and then they would plan to other countries.

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