July 17, 2014

Did You Test Errors in Robots.txt File Today?....

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Now it is the time to check and check your website's robots.txt file. yes, Google announced that they had developed a code to test your robots.txt file in your website. After opening your webmaster tools dashboard, you find the option as "Test Robots.txt".

Left side of your webmaster tools, you can find the option to check. Even many of SEO's know how to prevent the pages from crawling. But some of the mistakes may lead to get you site fully hidden or not crawl-able to search engine.

Google Webmaster Tools had decided to create a option for users to check their robots.txt files. Click here for testing your robots file.Test Robots.txt File For Errors
You can also check those implementations and directly upload into your site. Check whether any of your url is disallowing or not crawling by Google. Webmaster know the complete guide of robots.txt and how to handed with Google.

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