April 09, 2013

New Facebook Gets More Closer to You with Smilies

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Facebook plans to introduce a new option for you mood and emotions.

It states that you can share and feel more with your friends in coming days.

Facebook began testing the new sharing options in January, but only released screenshots. Now it appears the feature has been given to a much wider audience. It’s likely the beginning of a global or at least US or English language rollout.

Most mentions I’ve seen of the feature have been from the US, and many note the similarity to an old Myspace mood sharing option.

The button lets you select to share what you’re feeling, watching, reading, listening to, drinking, or eating. Each brings up a sub-menu of emotions, media, or nourishment.

You can add an extra description if you want, and when you share the post will have “is feeling comfortable” with an emoticon or “watching Game Of Thrones” with an image and link to a piece of content’s Page at the end of your story.

For more details about facebook emotions Click Here

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