April 02, 2013

List of Google Eastern Eggs....(Google Tricks)

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Easter eggs

Google Eastern Eggs
“Wikipedia states that a virtual Easter egg is an intentional hidden message, in-joke, or a feature in work such as a computer software program, webpage, crossword, movie etc.”

An animated, rotating graph of a 3D easter egg

A barrel roll is an airplane maneuver where the pilot executes a complete 360 degree roll while continuing to fly forward at a consistent altitude. Google took a bit of poetic license with “spinning” the result page through a 360 degree loop.


This result would give the gravity effect on your Google Home Page. All your icons and bars would fall down due to no-gravity. You can also search information in it. Watch more fun by searching with your images or your favorite images.

Google Water

Did you see anything in floating water? Hong Kong people had developed a code, such that you can see Google on floating water. The results also will float on water.
A real mathematician can perform the equation, here we can create the equation for sin and cos degrees. You may notice valentine image like.

Serach "sqrt(cos(x))*cos(300x)+sqrt(abs(x))-0.7)*(4-x*x)^0.01, sqrt(6-x^2), -sqrt(6-x^2) from -4.5 to 4.5" in google
Search for “binary” in google, then the number of results found is displayed as a binary number format, instead of traditional decimal count. Try the search with other number systems such as “hexadecimal” and “octal” and you’ll see similar results.

Zerg Rush

As we are familiar with this one. A “zerg rush” is a tactic originated in the video game Starcraft that involves swarming a low-level or poorly equipped group against an opposing group in the hope that sheer numbers will overwhelm the enemy.

Search for zerg rush and you’ll trigger a simplified example of a zerg rush using a swarm of “O’s”, ending up with the traditional “GG” (meaning “good game”). Tip: Clicking an “O” three times kills it.


As the name suggests that recursion, if you search as recursion in google, it again displays the same word with suggestion. As a logical next step, Google asks, “Did you mean: recursion?”

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