May 13, 2013

Be Ready for New Google Maps Feature

Monday, May 13, 2013

As you know that Google has became a Major Search engine all of all. Even though at searching the locations in cities or country, Google offers more relevant routes and places.

And now it again introduces its new Google Map interface by adding more pictures and friendly nature.

This update will remove the sidebars and also change the colors. It would display everything on top of the full-screen map. And one of the new feature is to restrict local search results to places recommended by top reviews or your Google+ circles

In between your destination and starting point if there are any Hotels, Building, Banks, Theaters, Shopping Malls etc it may show the address near to it as you zoom on to it.

But from next coming weeks by implementing the new Google Map interface you may also get their corresponding Google+ pages, Communities etc if the they had been added by the owners.

An important thing is maps results displaying on SERP page are majorly changed according to the reviews and comments of their Google+ circles given by Users.

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