June 01, 2013

You Tube Introduced Slomo (Slow Motion) Video Feature

Saturday, June 01, 2013

Some times Slow motion videos may be more interested. These videos may have the fun and lot of visibility about the video. For example, deciding whether the ball has touched the stumps or not in Cricket.

This slow motion feature had recently introduced by You Tube for the users to make more interestingly. Visit  the Enhancements page or You Tube Editor Page. After opening one of the link, you can now apply slow motion feature to any of your uploaded video. This feature can be available those who had uploaded the videos in their accounts.

Here is an video which is a Normal Video

This is the Video which is in 1/8 th of Normal Video (SoloMo Video)

These are some examples of Slomo Videos

Create your own funny videos by adding this Slomo feature to your uploaded Videos. Let your friends watch your creativity in slow motion videos.

For more information regarding how the videos has been watched by people like which age people, which gender, from which country etc., can be tracked by You Tube Trend Maps Feature

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