May 18, 2013

Google Launches Diversity of Results

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Matt Cutts discussed in a video about new change in Search results which gets diversity on search engine results page..

Matt said soon Google is launching new change that effect on same domain results. You can observe 2 to 3 results of same domain for some particular keywords, that means if the relevancy is not matched from other site, it shows multiple results from same domain.

Matt had explained, this update will prevent results occurring from same domain. Also there would be less probability to show multiple results from single site on SERP. Even though Google had introduced EMD Update, Penguin update and Panda Update there is no diversity in results.

Google added "Host clustering", which prevents the multiple results from same domain.Google then changed to show more diversity of results.

This update will show more diversity of results on 1st page of Google. Secondary other remaining pages may have less diversity of results (It may contain multiple results from single domain). Matt said, this update is introduced to satisfy more number of users.

Generally users are not interested to go and find the information from repeated domains. After Host clustering, there would be a chance of user to open 6 to 7 results.


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