May 24, 2013

Google Penguin 2.0- A New Spam Report Form

Friday, May 24, 2013

A most awaited penguin update, Penguin 2.0 has released just a day ago. And there are reports for these big changes. But, there is a gossip that still Google is ranking some spam ore low quality sites. This update can remove all those gossips.

Matt Cutts said this is the 4th Penguin update launched by Google in his blog. Since it is an updated algorithm (i.e, it is just not a data refresh), So it has been called as Penguin 2.0. About 2.3% of English US- queries has affected, penguin also varies with language. It means the sites with more spam has high impact of update.

Google's Web-spammer Matt Cutts tweeted about this new Penguin update, that they are providing a tool for remove those spam site. A new Penguin spam report has introduced, to control the spam sites display on results. This Form ask user to fill the form if he observe a unwanted or spam site.

  • URL of the Spam site
  • URL of the Google search result
  • And any additional information regarding this spam result

Penguin Spam Report Form

So from now, if any of you noticed any spam related sites also low quality sites, you can report to Google from Penguin Spam Report. So that they can take action to no more repeat of such spam sites furthermore.

As we heard earlier that this Penguin update is bigger one, the results are not changed as we expected. I mean we had expected a lot of changes would takes place on SERP, but actually it had not effected the results so much. 

By introducing the spam report form, we must be more careful while link building and content on your site. There is a chance to your competitor to submit your site in spam report. So, guys please keep in mind while work on your site.

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