June 21, 2013

New Excel Add-In Bar for Bing Ads Intelligence

Friday, June 21, 2013

Bing has updated its Ads interface with Excel Add-In tool. This Excel Add-In help to do the keyword research and keyword analysis on Yahoo-Bing Network.

New Excel Format Related Ribbon for Bing Ads
Bing New Ribbon for Ads

The above image shows the new Add-In in Excel format for keyword analysis. The new Ribbon is provided at top of your page.It help to get the keyword from your Bing-Ads account, getting suggestions for optimization of that keywords, and save all can backup to spreadsheet to your online account or on desktop with Bing Ads Editor.

Some advanced options like, Associated keywords, Related Search Traffic, and also Keyword Research Templates are available under "More Research Options", which is situated on middle of your Ribbon.

Tool for Keyword Research & Bidding
Performing Keyword Research & Bidding at on place
From "Select Account Tool", you get option to download all the keywords or select particular campaign or ad groups and download to Bing Ads Intelligence. Create BulkSheet tool located in Keyword Research & Account section of the ribbon, which allows you to add multiple keywords

If you are not using Bing Ads Intelligence, download the add-in from here. For existing users the add-in will be automatically updated.

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