July 22, 2014

Important Google Algorithm Updates in 2013

Here is an info-graphic which describes about the Google algorithm updates happened in the year 2013 like
  • Link Devaluation
  • Payday Loan Algorithm
  • Knowledge Graph Extension
  • In-Depth Articles
  • Humming Bird Update
11 Most Important Google Search Algorithm Changes In 2013

Source: http://www.e2msolutions.com/blog/google-search-algorithm-changes-in-2013-infographic

July 18, 2014

Edit & Hear Text Translation Directly From Google Search Bar

Many of us are most familiar with Google Translator; when we require meaning of the word or keyword spelled in other language, we directly open google translator and selects the language.

Nearly I had used more than 1000 times for word translations in other language. But you must open google translator in another window.

Now Google came with more easy structure,where the user can directly uses the features of translator from google homepage itself. Yes, up-to now we just search the information we wanted. From now you can translate the word to other language.

Below is the example showing how the Google implemented the translation features directly in search bar. You can also hear the translation of the keyword.

After entering the search query fully, it also allow you to change the language there itself. The search results display "Parts of speech" of the searched keyword like noun, verb, adverb etc.

In the below, you can see the listing the nouns, verbs, adverbs and etc for the searched keyword.

July 17, 2014

Did You Test Errors in Robots.txt File Today?....

Now it is the time to check and check your website's robots.txt file. yes, Google announced that they had developed a code to test your robots.txt file in your website. After opening your webmaster tools dashboard, you find the option as "Test Robots.txt".

Left side of your webmaster tools, you can find the option to check. Even many of SEO's know how to prevent the pages from crawling. But some of the mistakes may lead to get you site fully hidden or not crawl-able to search engine.

Google Webmaster Tools had decided to create a option for users to check their robots.txt files. Click here for testing your robots file.Test Robots.txt File For Errors
You can also check those implementations and directly upload into your site. Check whether any of your url is disallowing or not crawling by Google. Webmaster know the complete guide of robots.txt and how to handed with Google.

July 04, 2014

Yahoo Announces to Close Yahoo Voices, Yahoo Shine and More....

Yahoo Team officially announces that they are shutting down some yahoo services this month. They had officially written in their blog on 2nd July 2014.

As coming more latest products, some of their products has been discontinued by most of the people. In Later times yahoo voices and yahoo toolbar is used by many users. Gradually yahoo services may not been much interested to users. As a result they had planned to shut some services and focus on existing services like yahoo news, yahoo cricket, etc.

Yahoo schedule to shut services as:

  • Newlook Service- 30th April (Already Closed)
  • Research Reports- 30th April (Already Closed)
  • Yahoo Bookmarks- on may 26th(Already Closed)
  • People Search- On 2nd July
  • Xobni- On 2nd July
  • Yahoo Toolbar on Chrome- By 22nd July
  • Yahoo Shine- On July 31st
  • Yahoo Voices & Yahoo Contributor Network- On 31st July

July 02, 2014

Orkut (Social Networking Site) is Shutting Down....

Orkut is the Google first social networking site, which launched 10 years ago. Google said it will be shut down in India and Brazil on 30th September. Google planned to shut down Orkut and be on strengthen its other important services.

Facebook had sweepes all the major social networking sites like Orkut, Hi5, Myspace etc. Orkut is the leading social networking site up-to 2008, on the other face many of my friends had faces security issues on Orkut like fake messages, illegal activities from their profile, unknown pictures on their scrapbook etc. 

Facebook is slowly existing its brand in India at that time, later many Contacts of Orkut had moved to face-book and they had deleted their Orkut profile.

In 2010 face-book overtake the Orkut as the social networking site in India with 20.9 million users/visitors. Google said it would preserve the archive, if any of the user would not want to include their details they can permanently delete their profile from Google account.

Once again Google had a chance to become world's no'1 social networking site with Google Plus. At present Google Plus is one of the top most social networking site but it doesn't beat the face-book. may in future Google Plus may swipe out all the social networking sites with its distinct features.


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