October 27, 2013

Web Developer's SEO Cheat Sheet in 2013- Moz.com

Hello SEO's this was the SEO Cheat Sheet. These are the important elements and tips for Web Developer's while developing the Website.

Today I enjoyed really after checking the Cheat Sheet for 2013. Actually this Cheat sheet had created on 29th August by Danny Dover of Moz Team.

In 2013, the cheat sheet discuss some factors related to

  • Mobile Website development
  • Google Authorship & Google Publisher
  • How to target website in multiple languages
  • Pagination
  • HTTP Status Codes
Download the PDF document from My Slideshare

October 24, 2013

User's Opinion About Google Search & SEO

Did you know how people think about SEO. Only few of us know the exact meaning and how it is useful in targeting the users/customers for our business.

Most of us like Google for its more relevant results, even though some people are not satisfying with the Google results. What do they think after clicking on the results?

Here is nice info-graphic I found on other site, It gives the idea how the people are thinking about the search results.


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