March 23, 2013

Bing Knows more about People & Places with Satori Extension

Over the past year, Bing has been steadily growing. And the Snapshots it shows on the right-hand side of its pages, it gives more competition to Google. Bing says those snapshots are taking another leap to better understand relationships between people, places and things by using an expansion called as “Satori” technology.

Bing writes on its blog today saying:
Bing Gets More with Satori Extension

For People

People search accounts and profiles for about 10 percent compare to of all searches on Bing. When searching for people, the company that probably comes to mind first is Face-book. Know that Microsoft has a close relationship with the social network (Facebook). However, most of the people search on Bing, people who are trying to find professional information about somebody, at that instance LinkedIn has a major advantage (they did not exclude the possibility that Microsoft would add information from other sources)

Bing uses data from Wikipedia for historical figures and celebrities. For celebrities and some “web-famous” people, the Bing goes one step further and display links to their Face-book, Twitter profiles, Klout scores and other information like their children, specific events they involved.

For Places

As for places it also includes landmarks, rivers and mountains if needed, Now Bing provides large amount of information and more about the airports, attractions and other cities were people search for in the Snapshots bar. 

March 22, 2013

Dogpile Search Engine- A Combined SERP Results

Today I had found Dogpile Search Engine, and observe the search results it displays. I noticed that it is combining data from Google, Yahoo, Yandex and more...
Dogpile Logo

It also specify in right side of url, describing that from which search engine the result has fetched. After observing here, I had searched for queries from 3 above search engines separately. These three results are matched at some extent.

Most of you are searching from Google, Yahoo, and also Bing, if you are not satisfied with results. Here the Dogpile displays multiple search results combing of Google, Yahoo and Yandex. So there is no need to go for individual Search Engines and finding for your query. Just come here and search your belongings. Dogpile is one among the Top 20 search engines

Surely you may satisfy with Dogpile search results.More generic and organic results can be expected from this site. You can expect more genuine results from this, since it compare both the results and sort out it.

Let us see an example for "vmware training"

Search Results for Vmware Trraining
In the results you can observe from which search engine it had bought the result, In the above image the red color marks shows the site from which it has taken.

We have other search engines other than Dogpile. Visit the above link for more search engines list.

March 14, 2013

Including Reader Google Plans to Shut Down 8 Services

Google just reveals that they had a plan to shut down 8 of its services as a part of spring cleaning. They say Google Reader is going to shut from July 1st.

Google Reader Shuts Down
Google Reader had launched in 2005 in effort to make users to discover and keep the tabs on their favorite websites”.  Over the years passed the usage has been reduced.

So, on July 1, 2013, Google Reader may retire. The Users and developers those who are interested in RSS can export their data, including subscriptions, with Google Takeout over the next four months.

Google also says that the people or employees who are working on Readers has virtually pulled to other on-going projects a long time ago.
Additional to this, there are other 7 products which may shut down by Google. These may include

  • Snapseed Desktop for Macintosh and Windows on Today
  • Google's Voice App For Blackberry on next week
  • Google Cloud Connect on April 30
  • Google Building Maker on June 1
  • Search API for Shopping on September 16
  • App Script for GUI Builder and 5 UiApp Widgets depreciated on September 16
  • CalDAV API on September 16

Microsoft Plans to Give Office 365 to Students For Free

With Office 365, Microsoft now set its sights on college students to give it a try. They already make a heavily discounted $80/4 years version of Office 365 University available to students.

They had announced a new offer for college students with

- 3 months of free Office 365 access
 Another 3 months when they share the offer on Facebook
 In addition to this, get 20GB of storage on SkyDrive (A Microsoft product)

Microsoft launched this campaign because, They has seen a lot of excitement among customers as they use SkyDrive to access documents and can collaborate anywhere on any device. So, Microsoft thought that students are group who can give direct feedback for these types of tools.

Microsoft’s biggest competitor in this space is obviously Google, which makes its Google Drive apps available for free. However it is, still Microsoft Office is arguably a rich product and also using at many campuses. But Microsoft’s hold on the academic world is slowly shrinks despite quite a few colleges who have adopted Office 365 for Education.

Download Office 365 free for 6 months here. You must provide .edu email address

This deal is clearly meant to lock students into the Microsoft Office ecosystem early, but given that the documents are all in standard formats. Obviously you can always leave and take your documents with you.
After the trial period, the Office apps changed to read-only mode, you can only view and print the documents. But the files are obviously still yours to download from SkyDrive.

March 13, 2013

Panda Update Coming Friday, ‘Big’ Penguin Update In This Year

You can Expect Google Panda Update on this coming Friday or Monday, by Matt Cutts.

Matt Cutts (Head of Google Webspam) revealed that, they have been working on a significant Penguin update change. Panda aims to high-quality sites must be appear higher in search results. Panda is released in February 2011.

The next Panda update will be come on next Friday or Monday. Last update of panda occurred on 22 January 2013 and only 1.2%of English queries are affected.

Next Generation Penguin Update

It is not known when the Penguin update will arrive, but Matt Cutts revealed that they are working on a “A New generation of Penguin.” As we know that the Penguin algorithm released last year April, it was designed to reduce spamming the sites.

He also reveal that the upcoming Penguin update concentrate more on Link Schemes, Link Networks etc. It is clear that the next coming months are more hard for the websites.

March 12, 2013

Steps Smart with New Google Talking Shoes

Google was not enough for the Internet firm Google Glass, the giant has now unveiled a pair of 'Talking shoes'. (But that does not meant that Google is planning to get into the sneaker or footwear business).The experiment was designed to highlight its new advertising platform called Art, Copy and Code.

As Engadget reports, the company peopled its Google Playground with a man holding a pair of Adidas sneakers that talked.This Adidas sneaker enjoys a micro-controller on the tongue. I know many people who could certainly use one of those. It has an accelerometer, a gyroscope, and so many many technical goodies.

The result is that it monitors all the things that are happening down below and then expresses them to you in words. Yes, through a microphone.

Google took a few pairs of Adidas sneakers and crammed in a small computer, an accelerometer, a pressure sensor, a gyroscope, speaker and Bluetooth. These shoes can tell what you are or aren't doing and can then relay that information to your phone via Bluetooth or to you via the speaker in the top tongue of the shoe.

If one puts what the shoe knows through an algorithmic logic engine, it can translate it into copy.

But there's more. As the nice Google spokesperson described it, the shoe uses data to adopt "a personality," something Google strives for in all of its products.

If you start running and the shoe has an athletic personality, it will cheer you on. But if it has a lazy personality, it will get upset with you for being athletic.

For more details check this page-

March 10, 2013

Google EMD Update- Exact Match Domain

EMD Update

The acronym of EMD is Exact match Domain. This had launched by Google in 2012 to stop ranking exact domain names for a short and long tail keywords on SERP.

EMD- Exact Match Domain
Why it is Launched?

Previous SEO people has find a strategy to get easy ranking on Google SERP (Search Engines Results page). For that they are choosing the domain names as stuffed with service or brand oriented keywords. As Google gives importance to domains which has more relevance sites, their sites gets ranked when searched for their service or brand names.

As a result,many people had followed this type of strategy and purchase their domain with keywords. For a couple of years this has bought a good business for them. But when you searched with their related service keywords, low quality sites are getting easily ranked while high and authority sites gets less ranked.

To overcome this situation, Google has developed an algorithm to eradicate such low quality sites. So at this EMD Update has been released in September 2012. So official domain gets less ranked on SERP. At this case, we can say this is a blunder i.e,   (also an update) launched by Google in September 2012 to prevent poor quality sites from ranking well simply because they had words that match search terms in their domain names. When a fresh EMD Update happens, sites that have improved their content may regain good rankings.

Examples for Exact Domain Names, if you searches as word in brackets

(Forum for cupcakes) ""

(Web Design Company) ""

(Seo Company Hyderabad) ""

Before EMD, like these many sites are ranked on 1st page, after launching many of these sites are not even ranked with in 100. So we can say these sites are not having authority or back links compared to their competitor sites.

March 08, 2013

Yahoo Shut Down 7 Of Its Services

Yahoo announces to shut down seven of its products, including yahoo mobile app for BlackBerry phones, as new chief executive Marissa Mayer emulates its unsuccessful products..

Yahoo announced this information on its official blog on Friday to take these actions.

It represents as Yahoo's 2nd group shutdown of products as a part of spring cleaning. Actually Google has shut some of its services on spring cleaning part. So Yahoo also does the same thing for the unsuccessful products.

Yahoo application for BlackBerry smartphones will no longer available to download from 1st April. It also said that on the same day Yahoo avtars are also been closed.

The Consumers or users who want their current avatars must download the characters and reupload it to their profiles for continuing.

The other products to be terminated by Yahoo are
  1. Yahoo Sports IQ
  2. Yahoo Clues
  3. Yahoo Message Boards
  4. Yahoo Updates API
  5. Yahoo Avatars
  6. Yahoo app for Blackberry

March 07, 2013

Google Zebra Update- Upcoming Social Media Update (SMO, SMM)

Since Panda & Penguin strikes, the online world is waiting with another black and white stranger/monster. But it is not sure of name Zebra, the before 2 updates are of B/W color, the rumor is that the next update may be of also a B/w Color. So the next animals of this colors are Orcas, Magpies and Skunks.

The thing is both Panda and Penguin  are not aggressive the whole sites has changed. While coming of next update, we must wait to see how severe zebra would effect all the sites

Google Zebra- SMO Update
Zebra Update
What is the Target for Zebra Update?

Panda targets on-page like Keyword Stuffing, Hidden Text, while Penguin focus on off-page like link schemes, three and two-way linking etc. Zebra is going to on social media i.e facebook, linkedin, twitter, myspace, google plus, pinterest etc of all  sites.
  • Too many tweets and retweets with keywords link in Twitter.
  • Having many like and shares with non-related people on Facebook
  • And also shares and +1's button on Google+.
  • Owning a Pinterest page - posting of images with only stuffed keywords.
It's time to start the cleaning of  social web itself. This can be greatly effected for those who buy the likes, shares, tweets, followers from third party sites..

The other major target is on the merchant reviews given by the customers. It check all reviews of Google, Just-Dial and other local portals. It check whether the reviews are written by the users or the vendors themselves posting the positive reviews on their related site.


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